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US DOT / MC Number

How long to the process take US DOT / MC number?

Between 30 -45 days the whole process since there is Insurance involved.

Can you do just the US DOT permit?

Yes we can.

Do I need IFTA Certificate?

Depends on various factors, please call us for more information.

My company need a portion plates?

If your company is classified as an Interstate carrier the answer is yes.

Do I need a ELD devices?

Yes, if you vehicles are exceeded 100 or 150 miles radius the Federal mandate applies to your company.

Can you obtain and renew my for 2290?

Yes, a minimum fee would apply.


Would you represent my company in a State or Federal Audit?

Yes, we have two Certified Safety Directors.

In case that my company gets a fine after an audit would MCSS help me with a fine reduction or payment plan?

Yes, we would help you.

In a case that I fail state of federal audit can you help me regain a satisfactory rating?

Yes, MCSS can put a corrective action plan and submit to the FMCSA.


What does the driver pre-employment process entail?

Driver application, drug test and orientation. This process takes on the average of 3 hours.

Can I put my driver to work as soon as he complete the pre-employment process?

No, the drug results needs to be received in order for you to put your driver behind the wheel.


Do you sell ELD systems?

Yes, we are an authorized reseller for APOLO ELD, and FMCSA approved ELD device.

Do you train drivers on ELD use?


Will MCSS monitor my ELD Systems for violations?

Yes, we have in house hourly auditor monitoring various ELD systems for our clients on a daily basis.


Does the MCSS provide Drug and Alcohol Consortium?

Yes, our Consortium is approved and monitoring by the FMCSA

Can my driver do the random drug and alcohol test at MCSS?

Yes, all types of DOT testing are done in our facility.


Can you assist my company to put together a vehicle maintenance file?

Yes, several key documents make up a compliant vehicle maintenance file and we can assists with the process.

Would MCSS keep and update our vehicle maintenance files?

No. Vehicle Maintenance File must keep at your premises in where all PM and repair receipts must be file them in a daily bases.